About Us

i like funny pictures of my kids.  so here's one to giggle at...

                                                                                                                                                 the original roundbottombaby & his sister
i also like:
a mocha each day, long hair on little boys, camping with friends, blue sky bakery in brooklyn, God, walker art center, bust magazine, my neighbors, time at the lake, free-range parenting, craigslist, i like you in mpls, goodwill, 'made in usa', my new mac, chocolate peanutbutter from peanutbutter & co., etsy,  design*sponge, dwell, small business supporters!

i dislike:
mean people, they suck.

this roundbottombaby adventure began in 2004.  my husband commented that our little guy was quite the boobman.  [i'm all for advocating for nursing... in public, in private, where ever, when ever the babes are hungry!]  so, i printed up a boobman shirt and had my little guy wear it around town.  tons of other parents dug it too!  so i made a logo and a website, and a ton more shirts!  and what a blast it's been!

there have been several lines over the years, starting with the boobman onesie.  from there i designed toddler tees, fridge-art magnets, felt barrettes, neckties, summer skirts, muscle tanks, and the latest are my panchos, MN onesies (and every other state too), and lunch wraps & cloth napkins.

currently you can find roundbottombaby MN onesies:
minneapolis & st. paul:  patina shops, the bibelot shops, walker art center gift shop, peapods natural toy & gift, and i like you. 
online:  at etsy
irl:  on happy babies & hip kids at playgrounds ALL OVER the place!

thanks for taking a peek!
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